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Top 10 Unique Event Spaces to Host a NYC Corporate Event




Having trouble finding the right venue for your event can make party planning a total nightmare. Luckily, the Big Apple is filled with amazing venues for every kind of corporate event imaginable. Here are some of the best unique event spaces you can snag for your next major bash.


  1. Capitale – Striking architecture hailing from the Gilded Age is the first thing people notice when they walk in this venue, but it’s not the last. Breathtaking décor, elegance at every corner, and a catering crew known for their excellent training is what make this place a winner for almost any event. You can expect nothing but the best from Capitale.
  2. Up & Down – Trendy and undeniably cool are two ways to describe this nightclub and event space hotspot. Known for being unconventional, Up & Down features some of the best drinks and ambient lighting in the Chelsea area.
  3. Union Square Ballroom – The Union Square Ballroom has cemented its reputation for spacious yet intimate gatherings for years. The Union Square Ballroom also is known for being a chameleon of sorts since both the lounge and the actual ballroom are constantly being decorated in new, interesting ways to suit events of every kind.
  4. Espace – Perhaps the most flexible on this list in terms of ambiance, décor and amenities, Espace has become the go-to venue for many party planners. Its ability to house up to 1,000 guests as well as its state of the art lighting make Espace a great choice for major company events.
  5. The Upstairs At The Kimberly – This gorgeous rooftop lounge is an ideal place for corporate events that are meant to be trendy and upscale. Heated floors, cocktails, and great food make this venue a must for any company that wants to celebrate their wealth in style. Did we mention that it’s 30 stories in the air, has a retractable roof, and offers breathtaking NYC skyline views?
  6. The Hornblower – Unlike other event spaces, the Hornblower has the major twist of being a cruise ship. Great views of the city, along with a cruise ship featuring state-of-the-art equipment make the Hornblower a great place for events of any sort.
  7. Edison Ballroom - A historical venue known for its elite luxury, the Edison Ballroom wows guests with opulent décor, stunning architecture, and a great location in the middle of Times Square. A massive projection screen, on-point attendants, and mouthwatering catering is what makes Edison an ideal venue for a wide range of corporate events.
  8. Ellis Island – Once a major stopping point for immigrants, Ellis Island is now a part of the Venue Project, which means that you can rent it for events. This famously historical venue comes with the ability to have music both indoors and outdoors, catering of your choice, and staffers who greet guests with bottles of champagne. OK, it’s not exactly in New York but, what’s not to love?
  9. Tao Downtown - A true gem of a venue, Tao Downtown celebrates Asian aesthetics while still maintaining a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the events that it can house. This venue is a top notch option for massive galas, dinner parties, and “dress to impress” events of a corporate nature due to its beautiful interior, its decadent catering, and its exceptionally spacious design.
  10. 48 Lounge – If you want to have a great venue for any style of corporate event, 48 Lounge is a clear pick. Sleekly modern, this famous venue has been the event space for many a fashion show, concert, and corporate get together. Along with its great architecture comes a slew of great amenities which are bound to get praise from partygoers.


Every event will have different requirements in terms of venue, so make sure to choose a venue that suits your event’s needs. No matter which event venue you choose on this list, you can rest assured that your event’s setting will most certainly impress guests.




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