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5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Events




As an experienced event planner I am acutely aware that there are more than 5 ways to improve corporate events. However, you can reduce the ways to improve a corporate an event to a manageable, and more importantly, very effective to-do list. Naturally, the best solution is to engage the services of a professional event planner. However, if that is not within your budget and you have been tasked to plan the event then the following 5 ways will make your life much easier.


Begin planning as early as possible

If you begin your planning as early as possible you will have ample time to make the event a memorable one. This will also afford you the time to deal with the inevitable difficulties that will arise. Unforeseen problems can crop up at any moment. If you have left yourself some leeway then you can comfortably deal with issues in stride. Make sure you research planning an event. There are many online resources that will provide a wealth of information.


Set a budget

Determining what you can spend on the venue rental, food and beverages, entertainment, equipment rental, and other items that you may require will set the guidelines for the entire planning process.


Timing is of the essence

Selecting an appropriate date for your corporate event involves so much more than simply grabbing a random date from your calendar. There are numerous things to consider in picking the right date and day of the week. The earlier you can book a venue the better the deal you can negotiate. The closer you get to the date the less flexibility the venue will have in terms of price. Considering the seasons when planning. If your event is a Christmas party then securing a venue in May will not only guarantee the date it will save you money.


Location, location, location!

The proper venue is essential. It can make the difference between a great success and a dismal failure. The venue needs to have a great reputation for high quality service and amenities. Unless you have a history with a venue and are familiar with the management team you must gauge each location before you sign any contracts. It is essential that you physically inspect each potential location. When viewing the facilities some things to consider are:


•  The state of the property and parking facilities

•  The condition of the carpet and furnishings

•  If there is ample room for your event

•  The ability to change the arrangement of the tables

•  Restroom access


Determine your catering options

The importance of choosing the proper cuisine for an event cannot be overstated. The location sales manager should have good recommendations, but you need to understand the complete array of options. You need to make sure that there is a full service on-site kitchen with a comprehensive food selection and wait staff and serving choices. You should communicate with the executive chef and evaluate the food selection by taste.

Your corporate event can be an unqualified success with the proper planning and attention to detail. If you are innovative and determined you will project your company’s image in a way that is entertaining and different.




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