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A Guideline to Increase Engagement at Events




Top NYC event planners know the ins and outs of increasing engagement at events. Over time, they’ve realized that the world we live in is changing and how we take in data has developed beyond all recognition. The old ways of talking to an audience and getting their attention no longer works. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. People are constantly multitasking in their day to day lives, so during an event you are sure to battle for your guest’s focus and attention.


The starting point in proper event planning is understanding your audience. Knowing that their attention span is so demanding is what you want to center your planning around as an NYC event planner. So what’s demanding their attention exactly? Technology is. Let’s go over an excellent guideline that shows you how to successfully implement engagement in your planning. The guideline is called, the 5 P’s.




When you’re communicating clearly with your staff regarding the goals for your event’s program, be sure to convey what is expected from each member of your team in order to make the event successful. These are your people, and they should know how to pull in your guest’s attention as if they were your body double.




In this guideline, your public would be your guests or attendees. Is your public inclined to use their devices like a tablet, iPad, or smartphone to participate at the event? Is value being delivered at each stage of the event? Are you implementing technical tools that would help engage your audience?




Depending on the event, this P can fall under a variety of category types. If it’s a keynote speaker, you want it to be a strong influencer in the business that can liven interaction in the program in order to stimulate engagement through the use of technology. The best New York event planners offer guidelines to their invited speakers so that they can make use of these tech tools easily.




You want to make sure that the venue can cater to your needed level of connectivity for the tools you’ll be using. This is a very necessary step in terms of determining the success of your event.




The technology and tools you choose to use for your event can influence the outcome of the entire event. Using too many tools can complicate use, so you want to keep it engaging but minimal. You could even implement the activities during different parts of the event at small intervals. For example, an interactive activity towards the beginning, one during the middle, and then another towards the end.



Engaging your audience may sound complicated but when you plan ahead so that you can execute with ease at your event, it will really flow smoothly. The key to successfully engaging your attendees is knowing who they are and scheduling your program to appeal to their 




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