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Are You Ignoring Half Your Leads?




There are a ton of networking events in NYC every month, and whether it’s a business launch or an industry wide mixer, the one thing they all share in common is the importance of making new connections.


Networking brings together opportunity and resources that can lead to a successful venture. Whether your cause is to recruit leads to gain clients or to add vendors to your contact list, one thing remains true; it’s necessary. So how do you know if you’re ignoring solid potential clients? Here are 3 useful ways to make sure you’re not ignoring your leads:


1. Pay attention to your surroundings.  As an event planner in New York part of your job is to create events that vibrate for all of the guests. Remember that within the crowd of guests, may lie your potential clients. You want to make sure that you treat each event as if it were an audition for future events. Take brief moments throughout the event to speak to groups of people. You’re not looking to gather them; you’re looking to find groups that are already mingling or a table full of guests that are chatting. Don’t make it sound like your pitching yourself to them but do speak about your services. You want to share information, make them laugh, and develop a “client bond” with the group. 


2. Think before you speak/post. For New York event planners, their mobile device or computer is their voice. Posting updates and announcements are essential but not as integral to being social with your fans as well. It’s important that before you post, you reconsider your wording, so it doesn’t sound like you’re constantly in work mode. Remember that if they’re following you, they like you or your work. Make sure to reply to comments, direct messages, and from time to time it is OK to initiate as well. The simplest and shortest way to connect with your social media fans consists of three simple words. “Love this picture!” It can easily be a conversation starter that translates into a sale later on.


3. Sometimes the quiet ones are a prize. If you exhibit at New York expos, you know that the exhibitor’s hall is full of various personality types. You may have the nervous bride that can’t stop speaking, the overwhelming mother-in-law who wants to sample everything, and then there are the quiet attendees that are “just looking around.” Don’t underestimate the quiet ones just because they’re usually the ones that seem least interested. You may find that these quiet types are just as responsive as your talkers except they process things differently. They like to take in the information on their own, watch how you work, and then approach you with inquiries. They may even contact you after the show and surprise you so make sure to engage with the quiet lookers. Casting a wide net has always been wiser when recruiting new clients in any industry.




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