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Benefits of Breakout Sessions at Corporate Events

By Susan Douglin



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A breakout session is when a large group of people is split into smaller groups to learn about different topics. All of these topics revolve around a central theme, the conference’s main theme. More than ever we are seeing conference breakout sessions used to create a more personal feel that feeds off participation and involvement from the audience. Below we will work through the perks of adding breakouts to your next event, how to organize conference breakout sessions, the importance of adding tools that foster engagement, and most importantly we will go over 8 ‘Out of This World’ breakout sessions to include at your next event. Let’s jump in!

Perks of Adding Breakout Sessions to Your Next Event

Adding conference breakout sessions to your event will give your audience the choice to pick and choose what topics they want to learn more about while sticking to the overall theme of the event. I bet you have overheard people say they get tired of attending certain conferences because they have to sit and listen to the same idea over and over again, all while feeling alone in a banquet room full of people. Those events might have left them feeling like they wasted their time and money. Breakout sessions will erase that feeling because they will no longer have to sit through a session they have no interest in. Allowing choice results in more participation and higher levels of audience engagement because the audience is genuinely interested in the topic.

Conference breakout sessions also give people the opportunity to share ideas and network with those around them. Every session has a different set of attendees which equals a larger opportunity to meet new people and share ideas.

Beginner to Advanced

The next perk is that conference breakout sessions can involve different levels of knowledge on a specific topic. Meaning, if the topic is broad you could break the topic into different levels: beginner, moderate, and advanced. This is called staircase learning. The audience can gradually learn the topic step-by-step. This provides a deeper understanding of the topic for beginners and a fast-track option for the advanced. Not everyone at your conference will be at the same place in their journey, this allows everyone a chance to get just what they need.

Reducing Stress

Another benefit of incorporating conference breakout sessions is that they don’t always have to revolve around the theme of the conference. To have a successful event you will always want to add a couple breakout sessions that involve reducing stress or balancing work and home life. Involving a couple of the more relaxed sessions allows the audience to try something new or learn about personal health. Always make sure your conference breakout sessions are in line with why you are having the event, though they don’t have to go with the exact theme.

Add Value

The last perk of incorporating breakout sessions at your next event is that the audience leaves your event feeling like their time wasn’t wasted on the same old, same old. We all know with travel, conference passes, and lodging, conferences are not cheap. By giving attendees options on what exactly they want to see and learn, you give them power. They leave the conference feeling like they were in charge of their learning and that your event was well money spent because it catered to their needs.




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