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How to Creatively Say Thank You to Your Guests




New York event planners are finding more and more creative ways to thank guests for attending events. It’s an excellent way to show your event’s attendees how much you appreciated their presence. For those event planners in NY that are looking for some ideas on how to innovatively thank guests, here are a few to get your creative juices flowing:


Giveaways. There’s not a person in existence who doesn’t love a free gift. It could be a keychain, and they will love it way more than a thank you card that will probably find its way to the garbage within minutes of arriving in the mail. Try to find a valuable item that is useful to give away and that can be personalized with event details so that the guests will remember the day.


Food freebies. Who doesn’t love to eat? Giving away desserts, especially candy, is simple and will be appreciated by mostly all of your guests. A candy buffet or a dessert bar goes a long way in the minds and stomachs of your attendees.


Social Media. Finding a way to show recognition to people who attended your events and who made the day/night fabulous through social media is an excellent way to interact and thank people for coming. Tweeting or posting messages of appreciation will put a smile on all of your guest’s faces and encourage them to continue to attend events you invite them to.


The spotlight. If you host a standing event, the best way to recognize a guest’s effort(s) is by providing them with a spotlight. You may want to organize an event in their honor or feature them on your next newsletter or blog post. You don’t have to show recognition to all attendees, or you will run out of ways to say thank you, but someone who always attends and helps bring your event together deserves five minutes of fame.


VIP Status. When you provide exclusivities like early access to the venue, discounts, early registration, special seating, or any particular service, you are providing additional benefits to particular guests as a sign of appreciation. You want to make sure that only the VIP group received “special treatment” because you don’t want them to learn later on that everyone was ultimately offered the same deal.


Out with the new and in with the old. A standard letter or card saying “thank you for attending,” no longer gets the merit it deserves. Thank you cards are still as impactful as they’ve always been because people know you took time out to give them attention. You can improve this method of thanking your guests by making your thank you card creative and personal. Don’t be too shy to add a little art & craft to your design along with a handwritten message expressing your gratitude.


New York events are not complete until after the “thank you” has been distributed. No matter which way you choose to do so, remember that how you end the event can be a crucial factor in how many other events will come from it.  The feeling you leave your guests with can help you build your business.




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