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How to Develop your Personal Brand as an Event Planner




Being an NYC event planner is extremely exciting (most of the time). The New York event planners who stand out from the crowd are the ones who are truly dedicated to the hard work and creativity that is needed to make a name for yourself in the industry.


The event planning industry is one that keeps on growing enormously each and every year, so making a name for yourself can be challenging to do. One key target whether you're an amateur to the events crowd, or an expert rock star event manager is to build up your own brand as an event planner.

Building your own particular brand is imperative to not just your profession and growth in your development, but also to who you are as an individual so that you can recognize what TYPE of event planner you need to turn into. Here are a couple of ways you can begin to add to your brand!

Do whatever is necessary           

Go into designing your own brand with an “all-in”, inspirational mentality. Basically, you're the CEO/President/Chief of Everything for your own organization that speaks to you. Consider everything that makes you stand above and beyond your peers. What is exclusive about the way you organize events?


What unique touch do you like to add to the events you manage? Define the essential components that will speak to YOU inside of your industry, and those will turn into your trademark and help you in marketing your own image.


Keep in mind that you're not advertising a product or a business; you’re selling yourself and all that is your brand. Use crisp, live, and energetic language when broadcasting your image. Remember to stay genuine and consistent with what you are about because otherwise your hype and overuse of marketing tools such as hashtags may come across as unauthentic.


Set objectives and ask questions

Create a list of objectives that you need to achieve as you work towards adding to your brand. Where do you see yourself in the upcoming three to six months? Where would you like to be in a year? What are the interests and qualities you have that you feel should be showcased in your image?

These objectives are vital to be able to attain brand development goals. Reach out to your event colleagues who know your work style well and ask them what they see you shine at the best in your profession. Is it being super organized and an astounding communicator?

Or perhaps you have the best imaginative themes for each event you plan? Make a spreadsheet underlining all of the amazing attributes your colleagues state you are excelling at, and then include those power words or phrases into your particular brand. You can also utilize these as markers to continue to work in the direction of growth in these areas of your job every year.


Details! Details! Details!

When establishing your individual brand, keep in mind all you do will add to your brand. That means you should make sure that everything you message online – whether it’s on your own blog, social media pages, website, or a quote in your email signature, are unique and professional and exclusive to the brand you are building for yourself. Besides what you publish online, the way you seem in the real world also has a big impact on your personal brand.

From the manner in which you dress, to your approach towards work, how you intermingle with co-workers and with the people you meet within the events business – whether it’s a speaker at an event, an event vendor, or a tradeshow attendee. All of these components must stay constant with your brand message.


Start spreading the news

As soon as your objectives are set and you have a great baseline for the type of individual brand you want to aim for, be sure to advertise your brand via blogs, social media outlets, and/or your personal website. As an NYC event planner, your voice can get lost in the ocean of tweets, blogs, and Facebook or Instagram posts, so find ways to rise above and shine.

Use inspired hashtags that characterize you, or begin posting distinctive pictures from events you organize that have an imaginative touch to them. Not every New York event planner has the same ideas, so consider why your particular brand is exciting and interesting, and then distribute those awesome ideas online! Don’t forget to stay consistent with your posts, and remain relevant to your brand’s message.

Building up your brand as an NY event planner can be extremely exciting, and should be something all event planners do to stand out from the rest. There is such a variety of astounding event planners online who are known for their energetic topics about events, party checklists and coordinating tips. What kind of brand do you think you have? Send an email to your industry peers this week and see what they believe are your best qualities and begin building or revamping your brand!






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