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15 Questions to Ask a Potential Vendor




In the grand scheme of event planning, searching for the perfect venue may seem like the most integral part of the planning process. While it is an important variable, there are other factors to be considered. The smaller details that come with selecting the right vendors can be easily lost in the list of to do’s. Having a checklist of questions to ask your potential vendors readily available will help you avoid missing “the small stuff.” A reputable vendor will respond to your inquiries without hesitation, and if they don’t you’re probably better off moving on to the next company in line. Remember that the client is counting on their event planner to filter out the potential catastrophes, so it is up to you to avoid the oversights.


Here are some questions to have handy when interviewing a vendor for an event.


1. What is the cost and what does it include?

2. Do you have an event booking policy? Do you provide payment plans? What are the deposit options?

3. Can you e-mail or mail me a copy of your event cancellation policy?

4.  Are you licensed and insured? Do I need to be insured?

5. Have you ever provided services for this type of event? Any references available?

6. What on-site services do you have available?

7. Do you charge a fee for using outside vendors?

8. What type of staffing will be available to me?

9. What are your AV capabilities and costs?

10. What are the best directions to the venue by car and public transportation?

11. What are your parking capabilities?

12. What amenities do you have on-site?

13. Do you have security services?

14. Who is my point of contact and what is the best form of communicating?

15. Do you have a portfolio of previous events that I can share with my client?




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