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Successful Themes for Your Next Corporate Event




Many times, making sure your corporate event has a theme will inspire the attendees to focus on the purpose. Your subject should relate to the goal of the event and have a clear message so that the correlation with the event is relevant. The best way to decide on a theme that will fit well is deciding what the mental memo is that you want the guests to take from the corporate meeting or conference.


As a corporate event planner, deciding on the direction of event themes should start with being able to answer questions regarding the goal.


  1. Is the event to empower the attendees with the latest company information, products, or services?
  2. Is the event the announcement or launch of a new product, service, or department?
  3. Is the purpose of the event to raise awareness for a cause?
  4. Is the event to launch the rebranding of a business?
  5. Is the event to unite staff and build a better team?
  6. Is this a holiday or company anniversary party?
  7. Is this an awards night event?
  8. Is this a B2B event?


After learning the goal, your next step is to select a theme that is relevant and strategize how to get the best results to meet the needs of the objective. Using the examples above, let’s review what the best themes and strategy will work best for your next corporate event.


Empowering guests with new company information. For an event where information is going to be delivered to guests, you want to make sure that the theme is conducive to an introduction of new products, services, or data. Meaning that you don’t want anything that would be considered too “over the top.” Keep the décor and catering on the light side so that the focus is on the speakers or whoever is presenting. Marketing for this event should consist of LinkedIn announcements, e-mail updates, and an event app that keeps attendees updated up to the day of the event, and has registration capability. You may want to consider one of these themes:


  • A World of Opportunities
  • A Whole New World
  • Building for the Future
  • Evolving With Our Business
  • Gaining the Edge


Product or service launch. These event types should be paired with an exciting theme. The more you excite your guest list prior to the event, the more excited they will be to see the new product. Posting on social media sites and corresponding with guests by using a call to action posts, is a great way to get the buzz going. You want to go heavy on décor, catering, and entertainment. The presentation of the service or product should take place midway through the event. This way the crowd has had time to satisfy their appetites and loosen up before processing the presentation. More times than not, a relaxed mind is more likely to appreciate the new information and a sales pitch. Remember to post pictures throughout the event to keep the buzz at an all-time high. Guests may even share or repost to help you with spreading the word. Here are some great themes for this event type:


  • Get Ready!
  • You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
  • Its Gonna be Great!
  • In It to Win It
  • Journey To the Top


Raising awareness. When you’re planning an event to raise awareness for a cause, you want to stay sensitive to that purpose and stay within safe lines. Comfort food on the menu would be ideal along with décor that matches the organization’s colors, logo, or slogan. Entertainment should be fitting to their message so plan accordingly. You want to gear your marketing towards sponsors and people who will donate a considerable amount to the cause. Keep them updated weekly via e-mail on new sponsors that have jumped aboard and event details. Here are some excellent awareness themes:


  • Take Action
  • Understanding What’s Important
  • Yes We Can
  • Working Together Wins
  • Becoming Agents of Change



Rebranding a business. Attention to detail for this event type is vital to the overall success of the client’s goal. A company who is looking to rebrand usually starts by capturing their past customer’s interest by introducing the new things they are bringing to the table. This is why your marketing efforts should start with customer outreach and surveys. Find out what the business may have been lacking before, and what previous customers are looking to see next. Menu and décor for rebranding are pretty open but should be kept relevant to the goal and the target consumer’s taste. The following themes are great for rebranding events:


  • Accelerating the Pipeline!
  • Shaping the Future
  • Expect the Best
  • Together Towards Tomorrow
  • Going All In!


Team Building. There is a variety of themes that would go well with a team building event. Usually, an event that is high in interaction amongst staff and consultants is organized to build up the team spirit. Once an activity is chosen, you will be able to easily select an appropriate menu to go along with it. Décor is of least importance usually because team building events are usually interactive, so all attention is drawn into activities. Very little marketing is needed because this is a staff only event, so just proper notification and registration is required. Smartphone app games have become quite popular so do consider researching some of the most innovative games. Here is a link to 30 suggested activities.


Remember the team building goals are:


  • General Team Building
  • New Team
  • Motivation
  • Change
  • Communication
  • Trust



Holiday or anniversary party. This event is a celebration! There is much less worrying about pairing the theme to the goal on this one so planning should be easy. There are so many great themes available for a holiday or anniversary party depending on the season. It can go from a Winter Wonderland theme to a 4th of July theme. Your décor, entertainment, and menu choices are quite broad here, but you want to keep in mind who you are serving when selecting a choice of cuisine. Marketing is not really needed for this event type because it’s usually an invite only event. Creativity is what’s mostly needed and below are some creative themes to get you started.


  • Viva Las Vegas!
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Mardi Gras
  • Christmas Carol Karaoke
  • Luau



Awards night. Most corporate awards night are a black tie event with elegant décor, fine wine, and top-notch cuisine, so you want to make sure the vendors you choose are of the same caliber. However, for small to mid-sized businesses, this event type may be a bit more casual leaving you with some wiggle room for a theme. You may want to roll out a red carpet for photo ops that could be great fun for the smaller companies who don’t usually attend such events. Classic award themes to go with would be copycats of well-known award nights such as:


  • The Grammys
  • The Emmys
  • The Oscars
  • Academy of Country Music
  • MTV VMA’s




B2B event. This may be the one event that takes a lot of strategizing to ensure success. The client is relying on their event coordinator to produce a flawless event that will help them close deals. You want to make sure the venue is at a location that is convenient for the guests. Choosing a location that is as central to everyone can be tricky but not impossible. The topic of the event is what will help you select an appropriate theme, menu, and décor to match. Marketing approach should be heavy before, during, and after the event because networking is probably the most important factor. You want to choose entertainment that is fitting, and that won’t take away from the attention of the speakers at the event. Some unique themes that work well are:


  • Share the Vision
  • A Spectrum of Opportunities
  • Beyond All Limits
  • Building Bridges Together
  • Sharing Solutions





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