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Top Tips for Sourcing Event Registration Solutions




It is vital to consider carefully the arrival procedures and badging solutions to avoid a bad start to the day at any event, especially an expo or trade show. The check-in process should be a fast, accurate, and personal experience that allows visitors to move into the event quickly.

So just what would you look for and how can you guarantee that your event registration is a good experience for your visitors?


10 Tips for Sourcing Event Registration Solutions

  1. Make your pre-event registration simple and efficient. No-one wants to spend time registering, so make it as pain-free as possible. Don’t ask loads of questions or have too many pages to wade through. If online registration takes more than 2 or 3 pages – think again.
  2. Online registration is an excellent tool but don’t forget that each registration still needs to be checked, data cleaned, offline inquiries and bookings will come in. Make sure you keep on top of it all from the outset.
  3. Remember that your guests are people, not numbers. Offer great customer service and make them feel valued. It’s a simple equation: happy delegates = great events!
  4. Keep your pre-event registration open for as long as possible so that new registrations on-site are minimized.
  5. Whatever you do before the event, ensure that your on-site registration is fast, efficient, friendly and accurate. First impressions do count so make yours a great one.
  6. Don’t rely on the internet for on-site registration. Venue connections are notoriously unreliable – whatever their salesperson tells you.
  7. Produce badges on-demand as people arrive to speed it all up and minimize waste. Trying to find a badge on a table of 500 is slow and prone to error.
  8. Think about your badges. The material, design, layout, size and fixing are all necessary. There is no point in having a badge that you can’t read at a networking event!
  9. Don’t be hoodwinked into spending money on technology that you don’t need.
  10. Keep a record of how people engage with your event – which seminars did they go and what exhibitors did they visit? It is all useful data for post-event analysis and marketing opportunities.




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