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5 Ways to Attract New Event Clients




People are social creatures. We love to gather in groups. Sometimes we're celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or other personal milestones. Sometimes our gatherings highlight group efforts like corporate product launches. Sometimes we're looking to raise money for charity. And we like to host massive soirees for holidays, as well.


Quite clearly, there is no end to the events that one might host, either in a personal or professional capacity. This is good news for the New York event planner looking to expand and take on more clientele.


Nearly everyone hosts at least a few major events in life, and most have neither the knowledge nor the experience to book the hottest New York event space and pull off the party of the century. But you can definitely help them in this capacity, provided they know who you are.

Attracting new event clients doesn't have to be hard. After all, they need a service and you are prepared to provide it. Of course, they first have to know you exist. Here are a few surefire ways to get on the radar of prospective clients and bring in new business.


1. Network.

This is a very simple idea with extremely wide parameters. Building your network is an organic process that requires you to cultivate relationships not only with clients and prospective clients, but also with services, vendors, and even other event planners.

And every time you plan holiday parties, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, or corporate events in New York, you have two goals: to make sure your clients are satisfied and to use the proximity to new people to broaden your network. This means you're virtually always working.


But it's not enough to get contact information for new people. You need to go the extra mile to forge solid professional relationships, as well as find ways to leverage those relationships into new business opportunities.


It's not enough to be connected to vendors. If you have a contact at an upscale New York event space, try making a deal to share customers. When you have clients looking to host a big event, you can bring them to the club in question. And when they have bookings seeking an event planner, they can reciprocate by bringing you into the mix.


You could even find ways to cross promote, and you definitely should as a savvy New York event planner. When you get creative about building and truly utilizing your network of professional connections, you should never be short of work.


2. Get social.

Social media is so much more than just a way for people to connect. It has become a primary means of communicating, especially to a broad group of connections.


But you don't want to use it merely as a marketing tool. In fact, most people tend to despise the hard sell on social media. So you need to adopt a casual attitude when it comes to using these tools to promote your business and reach new audiences.


This isn't to say you can't find all kinds of creative ways to further business relationships through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. If you want to keep your name fresh in the minds of both past and prospective clients, post attractive photos from your recent events to your Instagram feed.


Host surveys on Facebook asking what types of event cuisine or which decorative elements people would prefer at their own birthdays or holiday parties. Tweet links to your personal blog posts offering helpful tips to amateur, at-home party planners.


Using social media isn't difficult. But using it to your professional advantage when promoting yourself as a New York event planner can be a bit dicey. Think of it this way: if you wouldn't want a certain kind of promotional message popping up on your social media feed, don't post it.


3. Treat clients right.

There's simply no better promotional tool than a truly satisfied client. And while you can certainly rely on word of mouth and offer your client a stack of business cards to hand out on your behalf (as a trusted source of information), you can also hedge your bets a bit.


Ask satisfied clients to write reviews on directories like Yelp or Angie's List, for example. And ask if they know anyone who could use your services for upcoming personal or corporate events New York.

And take steps to keep yourself and your services fresh in their memory. Keep track of dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and annual galas, and then contact clients to remind them what a great time you had planning their party last year. This will not only remind them to hire you again, but if you post to social media you could catch the attention of interested parties on their contact list, as well.


4. Share your expertise.

Becoming an expert in your field is a matter of perseverance, experience, and ongoing education. Becoming a noted expert requires you to be in the public eye in one way or another. The first qualifies you to do your job, but the second stands to deliver more clientele.


There are many ways to become a recognized industry leader. You can start simply enough with an on-site blog. From there, it's no stretch to guest post on related blogs, especially if your content is fantastic. Plus, you'll earn a link to your website and catch the attention of a new audience in the process.


The next step is to reach a larger audience by pitching story ideas to podcasts and vlogs before graduating to the big leagues with relevant radio stations, TV news programs, and talk shows, just for example. These broadcasts are always looking for new content, so give them the inside scoop on booking the hottest New York event space or offer tips for throwing holidays parties like a pro.

You could even participate in a give-away contest where you offer your services for free to one lucky listener/viewer. Creating a public persona not only gives you the chance to share your expertise with a wider audience, but it could also deliver a whole host of new event clients.


5. Donate your time.

There are few better ways to bring in new event clients than by donating your time and efforts to charitable events. Whether you're interested in planning personal or corporate events New York, participating in charitable events can get you in elbow-rubbing proximity to the right people.

In many cases, you'll also get recognition of some sort, like your name on flyers or event site materials (banners, etc.). And this can help to raise awareness of your business and your brand, it can give you something to tweet about, and it can introduce you to a new group of prospective clients that are yours to connect with.




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