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How To Bring Value To Your NYC Event





Whether you’re planning a corporate or social event in NYC, you want to make sure you’re adding value to your event by handling each planning category with precision and tact. Besides making sure that you have the proper décor, menu, guest list, giveaways, entertainment, etc. you can also add value to your event by doing the following:


The right staff: Staffing your event (so long as it’s within the event budget) is very smart because it ensures that each phase of your event will be manned well. You can be the very best event planner in all of New York, but you only have two hands. You can organize and execute but not in every direction at the same time. Build a team that you work well with and that helps your event flow. Make sure you have a staff as dedicated to your events as you are.


Adding an auction: Auctions work well in both corporate event planning and social event planning. You can ask guests to donate items like a dinner for two at a local restaurant, or something like an old baseball card collection. Both have a high likelihood of being bid on because they appeal to most people. This will increase the audience engagement of your event.


Relevant giveaways: One of they key components in being a successful event planner is not only knowing the client but knowing their guests or target consumers. What do they like? What would they need? Knowing the answers to those questions will increase your chances of picking a successful giveaway item. In a social event, you want to choose something that won’t be thrown out at first sight of a garbage can. Coupled with decorative wrapping, you’re winning. In a corporate event, same rules apply.




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