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How To Choose The Right Entertainment For Your NYC Event




When you're in charge of planning corporate events, you will undoubtedly have a lot of people to impress, from employees to clients to members of the press, not to mention the superiors and executives that have entrusted you with this important task. They’re relying on you to plan an event that will represent your company in a suitable manner, portraying your strength, solvency, and style, as well as all the other attributes that are paramount to your corporate success.


So once your New York event planner has selected the venue, the menu, and the décor for your corporate soiree, it's time to consider how you're going to entertain attendees. And choosing the right entertainment is just as important as the New York event space you select or the food and libations you serve. Here are a few guidelines to help you find the perfect entertainment options for your corporate events New York.


Set a Budget
Any event, from a holiday party to a product launch, will require you to create a suitable budget beforehand. This is not only a responsible practice essential to the planning process, but your superiors will expect you to operate within set parameters. Then again, this isn't to say they won't grant you more funding for certain excesses they deem necessary to the success of the event. But when planning corporate events New York, you could easily go overboard without a budget to rein you in.


A reputable and experienced New York event planner can help you here. Once you've found the venue and attended to other pressing concerns, this professional can assess your remaining budget and use it to find the best entertainment your money can buy. Cost is always a factor when it comes to corporate planning - the bottom line demands it (as do board members and stockholders). So craft your budget in advance and allocate appropriate funds for entertainment expenses.


Consider the Crowd
The people attending your corporate events New York will have some bearing on the entertainment you choose. For example, the pageantry of a circus-style performance might not feel right for a conference. But if you're trying to wow the media or the consumer public, this type of spectacle could make your company appear larger than life. And securing A-list bands for a product launch at a swanky New York event space could help you impress investors, clients, and any reporters in attendance.


The point is that you need to think about who you're trying to excite and amaze when sifting through entertainment options for your corporate events New York. You might want to select very different types of entertainers when hosting a public gala versus the holiday parties intended only for your company’s employees.


Go with a Theme
A New York event planner should have a virtual grab bag full of themes to make your corporate event memorable. But you can't go hog wild here, no matter how trendy or appealing an '80s prom or an escape room scenario might seem. An appropriate theme should be based on several elements that you need to consider going into the selection process.


For example, you'll definitely want to choose a theme that is in keeping with your company goals, values, and mission. You should also select a theme that relates to whatever corporate event you're hosting, be it a seminar, a product launch, or a holiday party, just for example. It's easy to get caught up in the latest trends where party themes are concerned, but before you entertain your guests by filling a room with foam and flashing lights, carefully consider how attendees might react and what you want them to take away from the experience.


Audition Entertainers
The entertainment you choose needs to work with your company, your event, and of course, your New York event space. The best way to make sure this happens is to audition entertainers. You can start by getting referrals from trusted colleagues and friends in order to find a variety of acts to choose from. And you might also want to scour job boards, reach out to agencies, and connect with event planners for help. Heck, you could even look on sites like Craigslist or check out performers at local bars if all else fails.


From there, you'll need to set up auditions to ensure that the acts you're considering will work for your company and your particular event. Keep in mind that you may be able to utilize acts you like down the road, even if they're not suitable for the event you're planning right now. A band that is simply too rowdy for a corporate conference might end up being perfect for your holiday parties.


Hire Professional Help
You no doubt have a lot on your plate when it comes to planning corporate events, especially if it's a task that's been added to your regular duties. So before you put in all the overtime hours searching for the right New York event space and the best possible entertainment for your corporate event, it may be prudent to begin by selecting a qualified New York event planner to take the reins for you.

A professional event planner, especially one that's familiar with the demands of New York City’s high society, is uniquely suited to help you manage every detail of your corporate event. This could include finding a venue that's awe-inspiring in and of itself, designing decorations that range from elegant and refined to cutting edge, selecting the delectable comestibles that will have guests savoring every bite, and of course, choosing the entertainment that will leave the audience begging for an encore.


Your New York event planner has the knowledge, skill, experience, and most importantly, contact list to ensure that every aspect of your event is covered and your corporate shindig goes off without a hitch. Whether you're looking for a vaudeville act, an A-list band, or interactive performances that guests can't help but sit up and notice, a professional event planner has the background and connections to secure the best possible entertainment for your particular corporate event.




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