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Things to Remember When Planning a Corporate Event




Things to Remember When Planning a Corporate Event

Starting to plan an event may be overwhelming.  These four things will help jump start your planning process and make it a huge success.  These four tips for planning an event will help you stay focused and be sure to make your event the best that it can be.

  1. Know Your Audience. Whether you are planning a meeting, conference or a tradeshow you need to know who will be attending. Keep in mind things like age of attendees and even where their office is located. You will want to choose a venue that is easily accessible to your guests, so knowing their office location is important for after work events.  When choosing the type of corporate event remember the age range of potential attendees is important, especially if you are planning an after work happy hour.  Will everyone be allowed to attend the event? Will the majority of the invitees even be interested in what you are planning? These are questions you should ask yourself before you finalize what type of event you are planning.



  1. Stick to your budget. Once you’ve decided you are planning an event, decide on a budget.  If it’s a company event, get it approved and then go go go!  When speaking to venues, find out what they can offer you that stays in your budget. There are so many venues to choose from that if one place is too expensive, don’t sacrifice your budget, find somewhere that you like that is within your budget.


  1. Cheaper Does Not Always Equal Better. Don’t sacrifice quality to save a few extra bucks.  Yes, remember your budget when booking a venue and other vendors for your event, but there are certain things you shouldn’t skimp on.  Know when to negotiate and when not to.  For example, if you are having an after work event at a lounge, be sure to have enough bar tenders and servers to accommodate your guests, the venue will be able to advise. 


  1. Promote. You’ve secured the venue and have gotten all your details together, now it’s time to get the word out!  If you’re planning an after work event for your company, send out an e-vite and be sure to have people RSVP so you can give the venue a final number.  If you’re planning a trade show or convention, start making phone calls, sending emails and getting the details on social media.  No matter what the type of event you are planning, you want to get the word out and promote it as soon as you can to get the most attendees.

These four ideas to keep in mind when planning your next event will keep you on point and make your event a success.  Each of these four points are important in making your event unforgettable.  By knowing your audience the event will appeal to more people and have a higher turn our rate, just like if you start promoting it as early as possible.  Knowing your budget and sticking to it will make sure you don’t over spend but you will also need to remember when to spend and when to save.  Keep these four tips in mind and your event will be terrific!




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