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10 Events That Did Not Go As Planned




Events can become more than a project at times and like with most projects, sometimes things don’t transpire exactly as you planned them. Unexpected incidents are usually a catalyst for emotions and that can affect the outcome of any event. In this article, you will laugh and possibly cringe at some of the event mishaps described.


Whenever an event planner lays out the plan for an event, they form a mental image of how things are going to develop. The more you make things stick to that mental image, the better the result of the event.


Yet there are times that our planning train derails. The result can be very positive or very negative.

The next ten stories are of events that went entirely off the chart. The results will be surprising, and you will surely learn from a few of them.


The Invoice Mom


If you’re a parent, you will unquestionably know the significance of birthdays when your children are young. The usual spend for venue hire for a kid’s party is about $370 says IAAPA. If you add the props, characters, food & beverage, and rentals, you end up with quite a large market and a huge bill for families.


One Mom, Ms. Lawrence, invoiced (with an actual invoice) another parent for $20. She invoiced the mother for being a no-show at her son’s birthday bash. According to Ms. Lawrence, someone should have called or notified her that they would not be attending.


I’m not sure if this story is more comical or scary, although you can decide on your own by reading it here.


There are certainly better ways to manage no-shows, and Ms. Lawrence should probably take note.


Not Enough Water

To plan a sporting event that consists of hundreds of participants is not an easy task. The amount of people involved generates enough variables to make even the most experienced event planner freak out.


However, calling a marathon off completely because there is not enough water supply, is just chaotic.

The incident could have intensified very quickly. The participants continued running because they didn’t know what was going on. Viewers started carrying emergency water to the drained runners. It was just mayhem!


Insecure Security vs. the Risks of Being Outrageously Good-looking

Speaking of marathons, everything seemed to be going as planned over at the Chongqing (China) marathon when a group of females noticed a security officer who looked like a celebrity Hong Kong actor.


Suddenly the marathon lost its interest which then turned into a photo shoot while participants snapped pictures and took selfies with the attractive man in uniform. The crowd was so excited that it caused too much commotion, and the poor man who was just trying to do his job was escorted out by armed policemen.


Not even a magician would have been able to predict and prevent this mishap, so an event planner couldn’t possibly prepare for such a scene!


Difficult Audience

This next story is one that may be anticipated.


This video features the NSA chief speaking at the ‘Skeptical Hacker Conference’. If you read that carefully you could probably tell where this is going. The two don’t really go hand in hand.

Kudos to the man for the way he handled the situation. It could have worsened super fast.


Mackenzie and Glenn Got Their Revenge.

Mackenzie and Glenn have a couple of things in common; they both suffer from a disease, and they both wanted to have a good time celebrating birthdays with their pals.


Technically, it's three things they have in common as they are also very cool kids. Wait, actually it’s four. They also have not-so-smart friends, or even better, friends and friends’ families that do not RSVP to parties. That is, zero RSVPs.


Thank goodness that the fifth thing they have in common is having amazing mothers who were clever enough to turn to social media to express how angry they were. Read below to see why the internet is a great outlet and see what an amazing outcome came of their post.


Mackenzie had 600 guests RSVPing on Facebook, creating personalized banners, bringing presents and also an Elsa impersonator, a treat a ten years old’s birthday party can’t do without.


Glenn was indeed amazed when he found a firefighter truck and local police showing up in his backyard to the party. As a plus, he also got his personal helicopter flyover.


RSVP or Maybe Not!

Alyssa Pearce is 23 and is working hard towards earning a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics in Australia and also happens to be getting married. When making invites for the event, she customized the invitation that was addressed to her parents.


She also chose to post it to Reddit and IMGUR with this (NSFW) message:


Alyssa was brave to speak up. If the occasion is about you, you have to love it. The attendee list will make it or break it so be brave and don’t invite everyone just because you are expected to.


Rooting For Your Team.

Sports have the tendency to make people go wild. Some of the most unbelievable collective tragedies revolve around fans who get out of control at sporting events. This is why we learn about security modules when studying event management.


As you will see below, the rules changed a bit at a high school basketball game, where two students from the home team prearranged a cheering section, signs and cheerleaders for the opposing team.

This video will inspire you.


What an Entry!

Now let’s speak about events that we probably work with more than not. Let’s talk about corporate events. Let’s talk about team building.


Wherever CEOs are keynote and attendees are subordinates, good things could happen. Or not.

This video is by Steve Ballmer.


He definitely has charisma. Try to picture the face of the event planner when he/she saw him going on the stage with this introduction at a Microsoft event.


Easter Egg Hunt Nightmare

Easter egg hunts can be very fun events. They are the type of stress-free events that you don’t need to plan for much. However, there are few things to take care of. Eggs, cake, and prizes.


Although, egg hunts can quickly turn into mayhem so you should never miscalculate the power of competition combined with sugar.


The problem at the Sacramento Egg Hunt was actually the parents who started to push toddlers around in order to collect as many eggs as possible.


Children crying, adults fighting.


The Event That Could Not Take Place

Some events are iconic. They are an irrefutable part of our memory. They build our personality; they are our life’s milestones.


When someone says “being walked down the aisle,” you immediately understand what they are talking about and what particular event is being referred to.


Charlie Kwentus has had a brain tumor for a few years. He stopped treatment and decided to spend valuable time together for the last months of his life. One of his two (13 and nine-year-old) daughters mentioned that he was not going to be able to walk them down the aisle at their wedding.


Thanks to a charity, Annie’s Hope, an event was put together where the two daughters could enjoy a special dinner and a father-daughter dance. Here’s the story (grab some Kleenex).


Sometimes events don’t go as planned, but they can still move us and change our life.


In Conclusion

You probably turn to EMRG to learn about modernization, trends and technology in the event planning industry, but it is just as important to remember why event professionals work in this industry and what makes it so special.


Sometimes things may not go as planned, but you can learn from that, and hope it never happens again and remember that at times, the unplanned result can be better than what was expected.




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