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How to Engage Foreign Guests at An Event




Event planning is a multi-faceted undertaking that requires organization, attention to detail, and the ability to cultivate relationships. Whether you're planning conferences, product launches, or holiday parties, a meticulous, yet flexible approach to the process is essential.


As an event host, you'll likely have many goals associated with your corporate events, from wowing your superiors, to sticking with a budget, to delivering pertinent information or building a rapport with business partners, the press, or the general public. In addition, you must make sure that attendees enjoy themselves.


This can be difficult to achieve at the best of times, but it becomes even harder when some of your guests are foreign-language speakers. How can you engage these participants in order to make a good impression?


There's more to it than selecting a top-notch caterer and an incredible New York event space, although attending to such details is always a good place to start. You need to go the extra mile to ensure that any foreign guests at your events feel special and included. There are several strategies you can employ to this end.


Provide Interpreters

If you know that certain event attendees don't speak English well (or at all), arrange for interpreters to be present at your event. This is especially important for corporate events New York that include speeches or presentations, since you want all guests in attendance to understand the message you're delivering.


However, you may also want to find interpreters that can serve as chaperones for your guests if you're hosting holiday parties or other events. A good New York event planner may be able to help you find appropriate professionals to fill your needs in this area as well.


Of course, you should also look within your organization for employees that are fluent in other languages. Such personnel are an ideal choice for interpreters and chaperones for important foreign guests at your events since they not only have a vested interest in entertaining these attendees and ensuring that they have a good time, but they can also serve as emissaries to spread your brand message.


Translate Event Materials

If a fair portion of your guest list includes foreign-language speakers, it might be a good idea to translate event materials into other languages. This could include everything from the invitations, to handouts, to slides, to video presentations.


Any and all written materials can either be tailored to individual guests (by providing translated versions) or you can simply print up copies that feature multiple language translations to accommodate all guests. Before you start printing up materials for your New York event space, consider what languages your guests speak and how many might need translated materials.


Invite Multilingual Guests

Part of your job when hosting holiday parties or corporate events New York is to act as a facilitator, working the room to make sure that guests have everything they need and that they are having a good time. If there are only a handful of guests that speak another language, however, chances are they won't have the same experience in terms of socializing as attendees that can easily converse with other guests.


Even with translators present, the process of communication could be tedious. For this reason you should try to populate your guest list with multilingual invitees in the hopes of increasing the possibility of friendly interaction for your foreign attendees.


As the facilitator, you can then seat these guests near each other, introduce them, or find other ways to ensure that they are aware of each other's presence at your event. If you want your foreign guests to have fun at your event and to view your company in a positive light, this is one good strategy to try.


Consider Nonverbal Entertainment

If you're looking for entertainment options for your event, ask your New York event planner to skip any type of entertainer that would require guests to understand the language. Even those that speak fluent English might not necessarily understand the nuances of a comedy routine, for example.


The good news is that there are plenty of entertainment options that will appeal to guests regardless of their native language. Music, even with lyrics, will virtually translate simply because everyone can dance to music whether they understand the words or not.


Other nonverbal performances could include tumblers or stunt shows, DJs, escape rooms, aerial silks acts, or whatever you think will amuse and delight your guests, providing your New York event space will accommodate such acts. You could also arrange for interactive games, or depending on your event, product demos (although you'll have to find ways to make demonstrations nonverbal or include translation).


Utilize Technology

A savvy New York event planner should be able to help you come up with ideas for interactive technology and mobile apps for your event. You might not even be aware of all the options for digital entertainment that exist in this day and age, but they can really help you to engage with all of your event attendees when used appropriately.


Did you know, for example, that there are magicians who perform their acts using iPads and other mobile devices? There are also artists that can be hired to render digital caricatures of your guests. They draw out likenesses on an iPad or other tablet and email the images to guests when they're finished.


Interactive games and apps are another option. The ones you choose will depend on the type of event you're hosting, but you could find any number that will call for your guests to interact with each other (via devices), utilize event locations, and so on. You might also contract with an app developer to create mobile applications specifically for your company or your event.


Everyone these days has a smartphone and is at least familiar with tablet technology, so explore the possibilities inherent to the digital medium when it comes to finding ways to engage every guest that attends your event. You don't want anyone in your audience to feel left out, bored, or otherwise neglected. It's important to make a good impression on everyone, including foreign guests that might not speak the language.




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