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How to Choose a Wedding Planner: Part 1




As New York City’s premier event and wedding planner we want all your events to be memorable for being smashing successes. We know that your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and that to make it everything you’ve dreamed of takes months of work. Having the right planner for your big day can make all the difference. In our last blog we started a discussion about how to pick the right wedding planner for your event.

We continue our discussion of what to look for in a wedding planner.

  1. How much of the event do they personally manage? Do they handle every detail or do they leave much to the venue manager. Centralizing responsibility and accountability in a single person is a better route to go than leaving room for finger pointing in the event that issues arise and need quick resolution.
  2. Are they knowledgeable about the customs and protocol of the cultural style wedding you want to have? A good wedding planner is highly knowledgeable about many cultures, as well as general etiquette and rituals of weddings. Having an expert on hand to tell you where to stand and whose turn it is to talk will allow you to enjoy your big day and not think about those details.
  3. Do you like their style? When viewing their portfolio does it really match your own style or do you trust that they can change? It is better to find someone who has a demonstrated ability to design a diverse range of styles and themes than one who seems to offer a variation on a single theme. Be sure to ask who will be in charge of the actual design work.

We hope our cursory look at how to choose a wedding planner has helped you jump start the process. Visit our site to buy tickets for the Bridal Expo in October and to contact one of our expert consultants.




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