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How to do a Successful Fundraiser or Charity Event




Fundraising is a common method of attaining funds for an organization or charity. Although they are excellent ways to generate funds, fund raising events can be time intensive and costly to hold. A favorable outcome of your event depends on thorough preparation. To assist you in making certain that your fundraising event is a success, we will discuss some primary factors to include in your fundraising strategy.


Design a plan and set goals

You should begin your planning months in advance of the fundraiser. It is advisable to put together a young professional committee that will be responsible for planning all aspects of the event. You will need bright people that are reliable and capable to fill this committee. Encourage them to offer ideas and express opinions. Make sure they have the necessary resources to effectively perform their tasks. Here are some guidelines for successful fundraiser or charity event planning:


• Establish the monetary goal that your organization needs to reach

• Create a written plan that details objectives and defines responsibilities

• Set clear marketing objectives

• Determine place and time

• Identify fundraising sources

• Secure sponsors and

• Secure items for gift bag


The importance of a budget

Each fundraising or charity event plan needs to include a comprehensive budget. The budget should incorporate things like personnel, invitations, venue rental, catering, entertainment options, transport, security, power, and miscellaneous items, to produce a successful event. The budget should allow for the fundraising objective, so you can reach your goal while recuperating expenses. It is advisable to have additional funds allocated for any unexpected costs.


Getting the word out

In the same way that the latest products or services are marketed, your fundraiser or charity event should be vigorously promoted. Create a promotional campaign for the event. Your committee is essential to spreading the word. Have them reach out to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Promote the charity event on your organization’s web site, providing information about the event and how to make donations. Networking is a key method. Take advantage of social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are excellent tools for building relationships and spreading the word. Direct mail, email campaigns, press releases, and word of mouth are time-tested and proven methods.


Use online payment tools

Online payment tools are an effective method for the collection of donations. Sites like eventbrite.com, and cvent.com etc. are secured, trusted methods for accepting donations.


Make sure to thank your staff, volunteers and the organizations that helped make the charity event or fundraiser a success with gift bags and personal notes. If they feel like they really made a difference then they will likely want to be a part of upcoming events. It is also essential that your donors feel valued. You may be asking them for more donations in the future! 




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