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Embracing Hybrid Event Apps




If you’re an innovative New York event planner, you’re probably always researching event apps that would enhance your event planning process and magnify the success of the events that you manage. A Meetings Professional International report seized the headlines when it stated that 9% of individuals feared that virtual or hybrid meetings would substitute face to face meetings. A less newsworthy but maybe more applicable statistic in the very same report exposed that a modest majority of event managers (51%) wanted to use virtual/hybrid events to incorporate with or improve face to face meetings.

GenieConnect mobile events apps are very efficient in terms of accomplishing both goals: it’s totally possible to have the streaming platform included with these event apps and, supposing that network coverage is accessible, people can view keynote sessions as they’re happening live. For the on-demand portion, it is very straightforward to save video content in the storage area where it can be accessed as needed.


Supposing that other provisions – speaker bios, slide presentations, research documents, etc. – are also stored, this basically turns your event technology into the central data hub for all of your content. And there is a strong advantage to doing that: it can create a comprehensive and convenient library where all significant material can be found by agents, and it brings extra exposure and value to your sponsors.

If it’s true that 51% of individuals are saying that hybrid events are more like an opportunity than a threat to the face to face meetings than you should be well-versed in how to incorporate this type of app into your event management regimen.




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