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5 New Technology Tools for Meetings and Events

By Jessica Stewart



The world of meetings and events is changing. Technology is taking over the lives of everyone, from students to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.  Be sure to stay up to date or even ahead of the curve with new ways to keep your company advanced with the technology advances.  These five new innovative technology tools are taking over the way meetings, events and conferences are being run.

  1. Interactive Whiteboards. You can use these boards for training, conducting meetings, and even delivering a presentation. The board connects with a computer and projector for real time interaction.  You can write and save notes on the board throughout the meeting/presentation.    
  2. LCD Graffiti Wall. Get ready for Tangible Interaction to unveil the new LCD Graffiti Wall in March 2014.  This new system will take up less space than the existing system and can be used in daylight, outside.  You provide the LCD screen and Tangible Interaction provides the sensing system and two digital graffiti spray cans.  You can have your logo drawn onto the screen to display throughout your meeting or event, or use it during a conference or trade show and have your guests create some artwork that they can then share on social media! This is the perfect way to get your branding noticed.
  3. Life Size Video Conferencing.  Life Size provides high quality HD video conferencing.  When you need to connect with colleagues around the country or even globally, you need everything to go smoothly and without technical difficulties.  All Life Size products are simple to use, anyone and anywhere.  There is also the ability to record the entire meeting and share through a web interface that is accessible from any location.  This gives you the ability to reference the meeting and presentation at a later date. 
  4. Air Drop.  This is an easy way to share information from Apple product to Apple product with iOS 7 or higher.  You can easily transfer information on your iphone, ipad, or MAC computer with a click.  All you need is to be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and your information is easily “dropped”.  Air Drop the documents you would have originally had to print out or Air Drop photos to a client quickly and seamlessly. 
  5. Video Walls.  Prysm Video wall provides you with solutions that are huge!  These video walls create an experience that is engaging and immersive.  It uses a laser phosphor display or LPD technology and can scale to widths of over 100 feet.  The walls can be customized to make it unique to your needs.  The images are crisp, with great resolution and brightness.  There is interactivity including touch, motion and even through a mobile device. 

Be sure to stay up to date with the latest technology for meetings, conferences and events.  Each of these five new technology tools will make your next event the best one yet!  Each of these innovative tools are useful and will impress guests as well as fellow colleagues.  




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