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10 Tips For Planning a Corporate Retirement Party




Retirement parties are unlike other types of corporate events in New York. They lack the marketing directives of a product launch, the messaging of a conference or seminar, and the pressure to throw a big-budget shindig that comes with hosting holiday parties.


The goal of this event is to honor a single person that has devoted a significant portion of his or her life to the company, providing innovation, expertise, and a strong work ethic that has contributed to the overall success of the business. You probably won’t throw a big bash for every retiree; for many, a cake and a speech with coworkers on the last day could suffice.


However, many companies elect to host a big celebration for company founders, executives, and other impactful employees when they choose to retire. These people need to be honored accordingly for their major contributions to the company and the professional successes they've enjoyed during the course of their career.


Whether you hire a New York event planner to put together a fitting tribute for a retiring executive or you do the heavy lifting to plan a personalized affair, there are steps that will ensure this unique event goes off without a hitch.


Set a budget. Ideally, you wouldn't have to quibble over money when it comes to honoring the career of a major contributing member of your organization. An unlimited budget for your event simply isn't realistic, though. Consider the importance of the person retiring, the scope of your anticipated party (number of guests, location, etc.), and of course, the amount your superiors are likely to approve for the event.
Invite co-workers to participate in planning. As the person in charge of hosting the event, you may or may not have intimate knowledge of the retiree being honored. By bringing team members and other colleagues that worked closely with the retiree into the planning process, you should gain better insight into the preferences of the guest of honor.

Those who worked closely with the retiree may also provide information on notable deeds of the professional in question, as well as contact information for family members or friends that should be included in the festivities.

Include family and friends. Since the retiree is the one being honored, not the company, you'll have to take his or her personal preferences into consideration when planning the party, unlike other types of corporate events New York. This means add family members and personal friends to the guest list alongside coworkers, colleagues, and business partners. A spouse, adult child, or other family member will almost certainly be willing to assist you here by providing a list of names and contact information for people who should be invited.

Consider a theme. Technically, the theme is retirement, but your New York event planner should be able to work in a related theme. For example, the theme could be "Bon Voyage", especially if the retiree plans to travel after retirement. "Happy Trails" lends itself to a western theme.
Pick any foreign language form of "goodbye" (based on heritage, travel plans, or preference of the retiree) and you've got a theme complete with food choices, decor, entertainment, and more. Or select a theme that has nothing to do with retirement, per se, but that will appeal to the guest of honor.

 Create an Instagram feed. All kinds of corporate events New York include photography, but these days, most of the guests will also take photos with their mobile devices. By creating an Instagram feed for the event, everyone can upload their pics and create a personalized photo album for the retiree to enjoy. Photos could also be used on your corporate website, especially if your company likes to highlight employee accomplishments as a way to personalize the business. You could even use it to pull press photos, depending on the scope of the event.
Add a photo booth. This type of event is meant to be a fun celebration. Although you might reserve the addition of a photo booth as a form of entertainment for your holiday party, there's no reason you can't also spice up a retirement party by including this fun feature.
Have fun with decor. For many people retirement is a new beginning, but like any major transition, it can definitely be bittersweet as the retiree leaves behind a work family and closes a lengthy chapter that comprises a large part of his or her adult life. When planning a retirement party, it is best to keep the vibe light.
You can set the mood immediately by outfitting your New York event space with appropriately upbeat décor. Between balloons, lighting, brightly-colored decorations, and whatever your New York event planner cooks up, you should be able to put together a visual feast that lets attendees know your event is meant to be a celebration. Provide alcohol - and transportation. You don't necessarily need to provide an open bar for a retirement party, but it is a celebration, so at the very least you should include provisions for toasting, namely champagne. If you want to offer an additional selection of spirits, use the same policy as your holiday party and offer transportation so that nobody drives impaired.
Recognize the retiree formally. Part of honoring a retiree is recognizing his or her contributions to the overall success of the company. At some point during the event, you should schedule a presentation or retrospective of some sort. You can either create a video presentation to honor the retiree or if you want something more personal, ask coworkers to speak about the many notable activities that have made for a remarkable career.
Find the perfect gift. You've booked a New York event space, hired a caterer and entertainment for your event, and sent out the invitations. Now all you have to do is find the perfect parting gift for the retiree being honored.

 Hosting a celebration with colleagues, family members, and friends is a fitting tribute to the career of a beloved member of your professional organization, but you should also present him or her with a suitable gift to commemorate a long and productive career. You could ask coworkers and family members for advice if you want to present a personal gift that plays to a hobby or preference. You might, for example, give a golf package or airline tickets. Or you could simply go with a traditional gift like a watch or a pen set. Your choice of gift will depend on budget, tradition, and the preferences of the retiree. Most importantly, it should honor the significance of the retiring employee's contributions to the company.




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