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10 Social Media Mishaps for Event Planners to Avoid




When you're planning corporate events in New York, Los Angeles, or Atlanta, you definitely want to arrange for a social media presence. In this day and age, you can hardly host a dinner party without announcing it on social media, so a major event is naturally going to require posts on various platforms if you want to ensure attendance and get guests excited about upcoming conferences or holiday parties. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar enough with social media to properly use it to your advantage. However, you can avoid major mishaps when you follow some simple guidelines. Here are a few tips to ensure that the social media campaign that you and your New York event planner create for your next corporate event delivers the results you crave.


1. Skip the spam.

Without a doubt, you should hype your event by posting information about the date and time, the New York event space where it's being held, and notable entertainment or activities, and you may want to mention this information more than once in the weeks or days leading up to your soiree. However, it's all too easy to cross over into the realm of spam when you're bombarding your social media followers with promotional data. So carefully plan your release schedule so that you can appropriately disseminate information without getting on the nerves of recipients.


2. Stay connected.

A lot goes into planning corporate events New York, and you can't afford to drop the ball when it comes to your social media campaign if you hope to get the best turnout. A "one and done" attitude will not serve you well when it comes to promoting your event via social media. Creating a schedule of posts can help you here, as can automated tools. But staying connected, posting new content, and interacting with followers are all essential elements when it comes to social media promotion for your corporate conferences and   holiday parties.


3. Don't neglect hashtags.

The ways in which you utilize hashtags could make or break the social media marketing campaign your New York event planner puts together for you. First you need to come up with appropriate hashtag designations for your event, and if it happens to be an annual occurrence, avoid placing a date in your hashtags so that they can be reused, remembered, and perpetuated. From there, it is imperative that you take the time to manage your hashtags, ensuring that they're getting passed around, taking steps to get them trending, and checking that followers are posting suitable content and comments,  just for example.


4. Encourage participation.

Whether followers want to discuss your New York event space, A-list entertainment, or the food from last year's buffet, you're going to get a lot more traction if you encourage participation via social media. This means allowing commentary, facilitating discussions and online community building, and taking the time to interact rather than simply doing everything yourself, or alternately, letting followers drive the discussion entirely.


5. Respond in a timely manner.

In this era of instant gratification, it's important not to leave social media followers hanging when they comment on your posts. While you might be too busy working with your New York event planner to respond immediately to every comment or query, at least make sure to check your feeds regularly so that you can get back to followers and keep them engaged and invested.


6. Integrate between platforms.

Whether you're planning holiday parties, press events, or corporate conferences, consistency is important when you're disseminating information across multiple social media platforms. You need to make sure they're all working together to support your efforts and delivering timely and accurate information to the widest possible audience. An experienced New York event planner should be able to help you create a cohesive strategy.


7. Avoid repetition.

Although you want to make sure that all pertinent information associated with your corporate events New York is consistent across all social media platforms, it's also important to avoid having the exact same content on each of your social media accounts. This could mean staggering releases so that followers on multiple platforms aren't getting the same notifications over and over. Or you might want to break up posts across platforms, offering something unique with every post.


8. Quality versus quantity.

It's tempting to post tons of content just to keep people looking at your feeds and to maintain your numbers. But quality is more important than quantity. Of course, you need to post regularly to keep followers interested in your corporate events New York, but peppering them with useless and annoying propaganda is not the way to ensure loyal patronage. Google got it right with their insistence on quality content. So you should take a page from their playbook when it comes to social media efforts associated with all of your conferences and holiday parties.


9. Hire help for the event.

You're almost certainly going to hire professionals to decorate your New York event space, cater your party, and entertain your guests. So why wouldn't you get experts to assist you when it comes to managing your social media efforts? Not only could you get some help with your online marketing blitz before the event, but on the day of, when you're seeing to every detail and you have no time for social media efforts, a pro could end up being a real life saver.


10. Track and analyze.

It's difficult to pinpoint the best aspect of using social media for your corporate events. But right up there with connecting with followers and trending online is the ability to track and analyze metrics associated with your online efforts. Whether you're tracking the popularity (i.e. sharing) of information about your New York event space or you're seeing who comments the most and what effect they have on the online community you've created for your event, you can use the data you collect to spot failures, pinpoint successes, and improve when you plan future events.




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