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How to Plan the Perfect End of Summer Corporate Bash in New York City




How to Plan the Perfect End of Summer Corporate Bash

With the summer more than halfway over, you might be looking for a way to host an end of summer shindig for employees, clients, and/or business partners. Summer is prime time for company picnics, team building events, and pre-holiday announcements. And there are plenty of ways to enjoy the balmy temperatures when planning your corporate events in Manhattan.


But there are definitely a lot of details to attend to when hosting an outdoor event, from finding an appropriate New York event space to figuring out how to keep your guests cool and comfortable. And you might need some help along the way.


Here are just a few guidelines that should get you on track for a fun and memorable corporate bash that you'll want to repeat every summer.


Find the Perfect Outdoor Venue

Whether you get a permit to hold your party in a public park, you book one of New York's premier rooftop lounges that you've used in the past for holiday parties, or you go all out by renting a zoo facility (or something equally outside the box), it pays to keep an open mind when picking the perfect New York event space.


With the right setting as your backdrop, it won't be hard to amaze and delight your guests. So take the time to visit the locations you're considering with your New York event planner in town. At each venue, you’ll be able to paint a vision of your ideal party.


This should help you get a clearer idea of what you want. Just make sure to consider how the heat will play into the equation. You may need to give vendors extra time to set up when temperatures are close to the triple digits.


And you'll have to find ways to beat the heat so your guests don't overheat. You could arrange for shade and misters if you're set on having a daytime event. Or you could simply opt to set up plenty of lighting and host your shindig after dark.


Consider a Theme

It's not too difficult to come up with fantastic summer party themes. Traditional picnics with basket lunches are a cinch, ice cream socials are a cool way to beat the heat, or you could opt for a beach blanket theme, complete with retro bikinis and a portable wave machine rental for faux surfing.

In the city sometimes known as the Capital of the World, the sky is the limit when it comes to including unexpected elements at your corporate events (so long as you're willing to pay the price). So think about selecting a theme that will wow guests and remain the talk of the town for years to come


Include Summer Hallmarks

There are certain things that make summer, well, summer. And you should think about some of your favorites and how you can include them in your corporate bash.


Tanning is a summer pastime for many a New Yorker suffering from a pasty, winter body. So why not include a spray tan booth and other spa treatments at your soiree? Or think about hosting a pool party at a New York event space that features a rooftop pool.


Popsicles are another fave, and you can give them an adult twist with fizzy cocktails frozen into refreshing treats. You don't have to stretch your imagination too far to come up with summer hallmarks that will add to the allure of your outdoor event.


Skip the Cooking

Nobody's going to want to eat hot food when the city feels like the inside of a furnace. So give them cool and refreshing fare instead.


Raw hors d'oeuvres are definitely the way to go, and you can't go wrong with basics like shrimp cocktail and ceviche. Or if you prefer something off the beaten path, you could ask your caterer to be a bit bolder.


You could also have fun with the food in a variety of ways. If you want to recapture the excitement of childhood summers, bring an ice cream truck or a shaved ice cart to the scene.


Or think about hosting a massive food fight like the annual Tomatina tomato fight. That way your food can double as entertainment to rival the A-list options from your standard holiday parties. Without a doubt, it could turn your corporate events into something to truly talk about.




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