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Top 10 Event Planning Trends for 2015




Top 10 Event Planning Trends for 2015

Companies put a lot of time into planning their corporate events. Some events are for employees only, while others will cater to business partners, the media, or even the public. Corporations that care about their image and want to impress guests at corporate events are always looking for ways to make their events modern, memorable, and unique. And 2015 has certainly been a year of a whole new slate of trends. Here are some you may want your New York event planner to integrate into your overall strategy.


1. Interactive Technology and Activities.

Schools are beginning to work interactive technology into the classroom setting, allowing students to use laptops, tablets, and smartphones to participate in lessons, engage in discussions, and enjoy a more immersive learning experience. So why aren't you using interactive technology at your corporate events New York? You could plop all of your event attendees in a room and have a speaker talk at them, show them a corporate video, or simply let them mingle in a hip New York event space. If you want to go the extra mile and really engage with those who attend your events, integrating interactive technology and planning activities around it is a great way to get connected in 2015.


2. Guest-Driven Activities.

When people are asked to step outside of their normal roles and participate in events in a new way, their minds are going to be more engaged, increasing their interest and receptiveness. This can make every event, from your average conference to your holiday parties, a lot more effective and memorable. So ask your New York event planner about ways that you can engineer guest-driven activities at your next event. Allow the attendees to take the reins and steer the event to a degree and see what a positive response you get.


3.  Mobile Connectivity.

With nearly everyone glued to their mobile devices these days, both on a professional and personal level, you really need to make sure that Wi-Fi services are available when you select any New York event space. But don't stop there. Use mobile media to your advantage, exploiting the penchant for 24/7 connectivity to bolster your event. If you want to go all out, you could make your own app just for the event. You might also plan geo-based activities or, at the very least, set up a digital map of the event to help attendees move about.


4. Integrated Planning and Coordination Software.

With corporate events from New York to Tokyo getting more complex by the day, you could soon find yourself dealing with all kinds of software programs designed to help you plan and organize. The best ones will let you have all your information in one place. In 2015, it's all about finding tools that allow you to integrate all of your planning efforts, and programs like Eventinterface can offer the end-to-end solution you're seeking.


5. Increased Speaker/Audience Interplay.

Whether you ask your New York event planner to find ways to include technology in your event or you opt to keep it old-school, it's important to find ways to increase the interaction between any speakers presenting at your event and the audience they're playing to. Although your speaker has valuable information to impart, it's of little use if it falls on deaf ears, and an audience that participates is much more likely to listen and learn.


6. Alternative Venues.

If you've been limiting yourself to the ballroom or conference room at the nearest corporate hotel when it comes to your events, it's time to start thinking outside the box. Not only can you book a swanky New York event space for your next shindig, but you could also consider unorthodox venues like industrial spaces you already own, an airplane hangar, a parking garage, a theater, a park, or even a zoo. You might be surprised by the places you can book for a corporate event. And a change of venue could reinvigorate flagging interest in the same old event.


7. A Moveable Feast.

Your conferences and holiday parties are sure to feature a food-based element, and 2015 is the year you should move away from the standard buffet and make the food part of the entertainment and décor. Your New York event planner should be able to give you some good options, but start by considering alternatives to traditional forms of food service, such as food trucks or the use of a mobile app that allows guests to place orders and have meals brought to their tables.


8. Sensory Immersion.

It's not enough to hang some banners at your New York event space, hire a speaker, and plan a menu. While these efforts will certainly be enough to make your event happen, you're not likely to wow your guests. If you can find ways to involve all of their senses in a cohesive, immersive experience, you're much more likely to make a major impression that attendees will continue to talk about for some time.


9. Eco-consciousness.

Corporate meetings and holiday parties alike can generate a lot of trash and have a marked environmental impact. Companies looking to clean up their image and go green can take great strides in the coming year by opting for locally sourced food, seeking out sustainable materials, and cutting waste whenever possible.


10. Increased Analytical Options.

Integrating technology into your corporate events doesn't just make for a more engaging experience for attendees; it also provides you with untold opportunities to collect valuable data about the guest experience, from who attends and what they do to how they feel about every aspect of the event. This feedback allows you to analyze successes and failures while the event is happening and after the fact, giving you the insight necessary to improve on events planned throughout 2015 and beyond.





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