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Up & Down

Address : 244 West 14th Street
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What we aim to do at Up&Down is to change the acceptance of the norm. To push boundaries and create an environment that opens up new worlds. Take chances and give people something they didn’t even know they wanted, something they didn’t even know was an option. Going out used to be an adventure. It was filled with new people and new experiences. It was a way to find out what was happening in your city and take part in all the wonders that NYC holds. It was a chance to interact with people that you never would have met before, to push your comfort zone, to make friends with strangers.

At Up&Down we are creating a multi-dimensional space. A place you can go early to get a drink and have a meeting or a place you can go late to have a dance and lose yourself in the night. A place where you can take someone on a date and have a private moment together or you can go alone knowing that you won’t leave disappointed. Our goal is to create a home base, to bring it back to what bars and clubs were since their inception – your living room.



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